Why Not Add Some Colour into Your Run

by FR33Earth Admin November 21, 2019

Why Not Add Some Colour into Your Run

As Everyone Knows, We Love Colour!!!   Especially Where Our Feet Are Concerned.

Fr33 Earth makes no apology – we are a magnet for colour!    So, no surprises we love going to the colour run.

Every year we get our favourite pair of flip-flops and run this amazing colourful run.   It’s like running in a rainbow with 5,000 of your closest friends.
Normally we take bubbles, blowing bubbles of course!
If you haven’t heard of the colour run yet, it’s a leisurely 5 km run where NO ONE cares about your personal best, but only about having the time of your life.
You’ll be doused from head to toe in coloured powder, while also dancing your way through dreamy foam clouds and experiencing thousands of perfect photo ops!   You can walk, skip, run, dance or flip the course – whatever takes your fancy!
The only requirement is be prepared for a day of endless rainbows, laughs and good times with your besties!


Perth Colour Run
Langley Park
5 November 2017

Melbourne Colour Run
Flemington Race Course
19 November 2017

Grab your best ever people and get to the Colour Run.    Click here for more details.

WIN a pair of our Flip Flops.   SNAP a picture of you at the colour run, post it social, use the hashtag #flip4poverty #fr33earth, we’ll pick our winners at random.

FR33Earth Admin
FR33Earth Admin


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