Flip Flops, The Most Underrated Valentine Gift

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Flip Flops, The Most Underrated Valentine Gift

Valentines is right around the corner and you’ve fallen into one of the 3 stages of love and your thinking…. what to do?

The 3 Stages of Love

Seeing Each Other – This is that stage you’re still swiping left or right on your smart device. You’ve met that person and they’ve got your attention. You’ve had a few dates and your there but not quite there. Exclusive or not exclusive? Hmmmms…. It can be a fun stage but also very confusing.

Dating Each Other – You’ve passed the ‘lets see each other’ and your dating now. Yay! No more awkward guessing. It means you call each other boyfriend or girlfriend. Your comfortable enough with each other but still curious to learn more about the otherside. You start bringing him or her out on friends gatherings. Does he or she pass the friends test?

Committed With Each other – Needless to say you’ve successfully leveled up and collected all your brownie points from your other halves friends. Your together together now. When you get invited to a party or BBQ it’s never an invite for 1 anymore (not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, that’s something you will need to decide). Your Officially an item. This is the stage your relationship is super stable but as one long married couple advised, never become complacent. It’s the end to all relationships, when you don’t care and a meh is all you give. So make an effort to  learn about your companion,partner, better or funnier half it’s all part of growing together.

No matter which stage of the relationship you are in, the most important thing is to be comfortable with each other. You don’t have to go to a 3 hat restaurant and spend $600 to impress the other side.

Sometimes its as simple as wearing some super comfortable natural rubber flip flops and going for a stroll down by the water or have a nice afternoon picnic in the park or beach. How about chilling out and watching the sunset. A little cuddle time star gazing never hurt no one.

A Flip Flop Guide To Win All The Love This Valentine’s Day

If your looking for the perfect flip flops to give or wear for this valentines day we got you covered !

FR33 EARTH (said as free earth) makes super comfortable natural rubber flip flops. They’re all made by hand and supports villages to start their own farms to get out of poverty. Buying a pair of FR33 EARTH’s famous flip flops will not only give your lover a pillow of clouds to walk on but also help another family get on their feet.

What’s better than just buying pair to give? Of course a pair to wear ! Nooooooo you don’t have to couple dress (but you totally could do that – no judgements, we swear).

We have 2 styles and 9 colours for you to choose.
Our Smashed! Collection is perfect for the casual chillout dates. Hanging by the beach or strolling through the park.

Our premium range – Lazy Dayz – are perfect for the dinner and bar seen. You can slip these on and everyone will think your wearing some overpriced high class item. But noooo these are your vegan friendly PETA approved natural rubber flip flops that help end world poverty!

Whats even better? FR33 EARTH loooooooves love ! so to celebrate valentine’s day they’re giving away 30% off any 2 pairs of flip flops you buy (USE CODE: valentine). But get them quick this offer will end on the 14 February 2018. Don’t forget to allow shipping time to get yours on time.

This Valentine think about getting back to grass roots, spend some time with your date, lover or partner. Connect with them, discover more about each other and be comfortable. If you have any suggestions on how you can flip flop this Valentine leave us a comment.

FR33Earth Admin
FR33Earth Admin


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