Be A Climate Change Warrior With 10 Easy Lifestyle Changes in 2020

by Scott Yip January 07, 2020 3 Comments

Be A Climate Change Warrior With 10 Easy Lifestyle Changes in 2020


We rang in the new year new decade with Australia on fire. And in 2019 Greta Thunberg called the world to stop. Look at what we have done. Our Earth Our Land Our Sea Our Home. . .  is sick. As for Australia, it is on fire.

Being a founder of a new business that sells fashion & accessories I know there is much waste. But practicing a zero-waste lifestyle is near impossible with the amount of packaging that comes with products. And as the new year ticks over I wonder. . . 

What changes? 

What behaviors?

What habits?

Can we adopt to lessen our own climate change footprint? 

Changes that won’t cost you money and won’t require a lot of time and dedication to do.

So here is a list of 10 sustainable habits/behaviors we can all do.

If you’ve been to the supermarket you’ve probably noticed bins full balls of plastic bags. Looks like this.

Redcycle is a program where you recycle your soft plastics. Anything you can scrunch up can be reused. Stops them going into landfill.

In our household, we always keep a larger bag on the kitchen floor. All our soft plastics get scrunched up and when it gets filled so only 5% of air is in the bag we tie it up and drop it off at the next supermarket run.


For more info check them out.

Sort Your Trash
Only after watching a documentary I realised that not all plastics can't be recycled.
Check your plastics and make sure they can be recycled before putting into the recycling bin. Make sure caps are off bottles. 

We’re guilty of not doing this and it’s going to be something we work towards in 2020.

Yeah! why waste all your food scrapes when you can feed some worms?
Maybe it’s just the Chinese in me and wanting to make sure every bit of food goes as far as possible.


Save Water
Australia is on fire, It’s dry and smokey - We’re in a drought.
Do we really want to get to day zero?
Maybe we cant’ save millions of liters of water as an individual but we can save something. Put together and that will count for something.
Easy changes like - taking shorter showers or collecting the water you use to wash your fruits & veggies and using that for plants all add up. 

What other ways can you save water?

Buy fruits & veggies out of the packaging
Maybe it’s impossible to buy all your fruits/veggies that are not packed. But making a conscious effort helps.
I mean besides berries I don’t know why you need to wrap veggies/fruits in plastic?

Often in our household, we don’t use that flimsy plastic to bag your fruits. Our fruits goes straight into the basket/ trolley and straight into the bag, car and fruit basket. 

More plastic = more waste = more production of shit. 

Be a Rebel and say NO to the plastic 


Buy bigger quantity’s to lessen packaging
This is a space/ budget issue. But naturally, if you buy a product that comes in larger quantities there’s only packaging for that item once. 

As opposed to smaller packaging = more packaging = more production of crap. 

E.g. toilet tissue - why is there single rolls for sale and 2x2 then 4x4? 



Shop Eco, Shop Purpose, Shop Social Good 

OK, so this one might be a bit of tooting our own horn here. But hey why not.
I’m a big fan of win: win situations and I’m sure most people are too (please do tell me if you don’t like a win: win situation).
When you’re shopping are you just buying anything or are you trying to make sure your $$$ goes further?
Why not shop for products that support local businesses or brands that give back to purpose or products that are more sustainable & eco-friendly.

Make that $$$ go further away and support something other than just buying that product from the shops.

At FR33 EARTH every product purchased helps a village start a farm to get out of poverty. To date we've contributed to over 34 villages. All products have an earth/ natural aspect to them.
Like our natural rubber thongs or organic cotton fair trade & carbon neutral t shirts 

Bring your cups & containers
When my sister was going through cancer she went organic everything. And we went to this Japanese restaurant, the owner/chef grew her own produce and was actively educating everyone on food wastage and becoming more sustainable. She really encouraged us to finish our food or next time to bring our own containers to take leftovers away. Instead of using your typical Asian plastic containers that create more waste. I didn’t really think much of it and now I realise hey she’s right. 

Why do we need 100s of plastic containers? What happens to them in the end? Bin? Land waste? What about the energy in production?

Take public transport 
Okay, so this one’s pretty hard when your working from home. But keeping it in mind when you need to head to the city helps. There are so many benefits to taking public transport and the #1 benefit would have to be not dealing with the traffic and short-tempered drivers on the road. No parking worries, you can catch up on Netflix, read a book or listen to a book. Not needing to focus on the road is a great perk.

Eat green 1 day a week
I started to watch Cowspiracy and whilst I think half those numbers are skewed I do believe it takes more energy, more water, more waste to produce a kilo of meat than say a choy sum.
So if that’s true I'm okay with eating green 1 day a week or choosing more greens/ veggies in my mix of food.

Think about it. . .  do you really want all those cow farts to be the end of the world? hmmmm….

Share your changes
Showing or telling people what your doing may not be in your nature. But by doing so will spark a thought in someone else’s mind. It’ll be the seed and the beginning for someone to review what they’re doing and how they can change. Who knows you might learn something new. 

My take right now is we need to be cutting back on stuff we make. So I focus on anything we can reduce in terms of waste.

In the end, we all have one home, we can’t sell it, we can’t buy it, if we destroy it we’ll have to live with it.

Let's all do our little bit to help.  



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