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The air was drier, the rainfall was less, the fire sparked and the winds blew. 

Bushfire season started early. And it was ferocious.It is sad to see the extent of damage to our homeland. 
Many loss life & property. 
You can not speak words to comfort the loss that some have experienced.

And for the wildlife that has no voice, no way of knowing where to go and no food for sustenance because their habitat is charred. 
What will they do?

Luckily for the wildlife with no voice. There are organizations to help them. They don’t know it yet. 

Zoos Victoria has been on the front line saving and caring for as many wildlife as possible. But with the level of destruction, they won’t be able to do this alone and need help. 

FR33 EARTH WILL Donate  10% of all sales over the next 4 weeks to ZOOS VICTORIA to assist.  

Every dollar counts you can donate directly to Zoos Victoria by clicking this link 



By simply shopping with FR33 EARTH we will donate 10% of the sale price (less GST) to Zoos Victoria.  Meaning 1 bird two stones. You get to shop and give back ! 

Here is some information about the action Zoos Victoria is taking.

  • As a not-for-profit zoo-based conservation organisation, Zoos Victoria is committed to saving threatened species and other wildlife affected by the bushfires which is going to require skill, passion and millions of dollars.

  • What it will cost to recover the survivors of these bushfires is unknown; what we do know is that over one billion animals have been lost, and populations which have survived face habit destruction, no food and predation from feral animals, as everyone fights for survival in the aftermath of the fires.

  • Deploying critical care to the front line and recovering the surviving species together with government agencies and recovery teams will take time and money. This is why we have established the Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund www.zoo.org.au/fire-fund

  • Help us help our precious Victorian species survive this crisis. Any amount is gratefully received. 

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Dev Admin


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