Lazy Surfer’s Guide: Top 5 Apps for Surfers

by FR33Earth Admin November 21, 2019 1 Comment

Lazy Surfer’s Guide:  Top 5 Apps for Surfers

Sometimes During Our Break, We Head Down From Bondi Markets To The Surf.  Even During Winter, The Sets Are Pumping And There Are Plenty Of Surfers In Wetsuits Searching For Their Perfect Wave.

All the lazy surfers we know conserve energy, wait for the perfect wave and smash the long set.

Normally you wouldn’t think that surfers are a lazy bunch but, lately with the onset of apps, we’ve found more and more using technology to improve performance, surf when it’s worth it and conserve when it’s not.
We are a curious bunch so, we asked around Bondi on what people are using – here the top 5 apps that surfers are using:
Is an app designed to help surfers find the right board according to your dimensions, weight, and style.
Developed by some French dudes, Louis-Romain, who is a water-science engineer with a Ph.D. in fluid mechanics and Philippe who is a sales development manager. 
We are told the best part of the app is users from across the globe can submit data and help other surfers find their right boards.
If you know what you are doing in the surf, then this app is your personal ‘go to’ Surf Coach out of the water!
You can take your app surf coach to the beach!    Go from beginner to pro with your surf coach guiding you through the levels – it’s even got a good online community.
GoFlow Surf

If you love outdoor sports then this app is for you.  It’s not just a surf app, it’s a social platform for surfers and sports lovers.   Find your surf tribe, share a wave and wind conditions with your friends in real time, as well as get video reports and updates on the weather in your favorite surf spots.


This is the ultimate in the lazy surfer’s guide.   It will tell you whether the surf is worth getting out of bed for! 

Surfline is an app for real time weather forecasts and surf reports not matter where you live in the world.    You can view in real time over 300 HD beach cameras from the most popular surf spots in the world, as well as photos, videos, news, stories, and discounts, all of which are regularly updated several times a day.

MSW Surf Forecast

Similar to Surfline but not – it’s a surf forecast app that goes a little bit deeper into the stats and at the same time provides a simpler and more intuitive navigation.   Set your surf up for success with 14 days of forecasts and tons of data, with anything from swell charts to live buoy data and tide graphs only a swipe away, but you can also use the app to find local beaches and surf shops.
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FR33Earth Admin
FR33Earth Admin


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Nicholas Peterson
Nicholas Peterson

March 29, 2021

Also, the OG Lazy Surfer app – Lazy Surfer!!

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