About Us

We began in October 2017 after we designed and made our natural rubber thongs (flip flops). A year of testing the waters and we decided to expand our range.

Now we stock organic cotton t-shirts, singlets, wood watches and wood sunglasses.

All our items are handmade and our clothing are made in a carbon neutral factory. Yep, that’s right ! the factory is powered by wind and sun (did someone say captain planet?)

Renewable Manufacturing

What We Do

Our aim is to bring a natural alternative to your everyday items you wear,  for the same price you would pay for a branded t-shirt or sunglasses.
At the same time helping the world combat poverty.

Our give back program is unique as it does not stop giving.
We give back 5% off sales to KIVA and fund micro loans to help farmers in developing countries grow there own farms so that they may have better incomes and lives.
Once these farmers repay the loans we resend these funds to other farmers. Becoming an ongoing cycle of support and growth.

So every purchase you make with FR33 EARTH becomes the very seed that helps a farmer to start a farm to get out of poverty.

We need you!


We all need help sometimes

You love giving and your love to change the world! And you want to do more !
I think we’re secretly alike. You can join Kiva Team and help more villages around the world.

Click here http://www.kiva.org/team/fr33earth to join our KIVA team.


If you love what we do and have some spare time join us and help end world poverty together.

You can apply and become a volunteer below.

We will need volunteers on a regular committed basis – e.g. 1 day a week or fortnight.

The work will depend on your experience and what you like to do. It could be as simple as taking photos, helping out with logistics, market stalls or even picking the next projects we help.

If you’re interested in giving us a hand apply now and our manager will get in contact with you.

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If you're getting in touch to let us know you're keen to help out, pleas make sure to include your availability.

We love hearing from our customers and sharing ideas!


Bushfire season started early. And it was ferocious.It is sad to see the extent of damage to our homeland. Many loss life & property.

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Give Away Green And Gold Thongs
Give Away Green And Gold Thongs

Its giveaway time! You and a friend could win!
We're giving away 6 X Gold and Green Thongs click for more details. . .

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Be A Climate Change Warrior With 10 Easy Lifestyle Changes in 2020
Be A Climate Change Warrior With 10 Easy Lifestyle Changes in 2020

But practicing a zero-waste lifestyle is near impossible with the amount of packaging that comes with products. And as the new year ticks over I wonder. . . 

What changes? 

What behaviors?

What habits?

Can we adopt to lessen our own climate change footprint? 

Changes that won’t cost you money and won’t require a lot of time and dedication to do.

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THANK YOU ! 2019
THANK YOU ! 2019

YOU followed us
YOU Shared us
YOU bought from us
+ Believed in our vision and story !

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