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Masaprr's Group Story

Fatmata (first from right), featured borrower of Masaprr’s Best Female Farmers, is a 45-year-old master farmer in Masaprr village and has six children. She is a strong leader in the community, and regularly organizes women’s activities related to trading of agricultural goods. Currently she farms on 3 acres and is seeking a Kiva loan to double her production and farm size to 6 acres.

Like all members of Masaprr’s Best Female Farmers, Fatmata is currently trapped in a cycle of subsistence and takes extremely high-interest loans for poor quality inputs during planting time. A no-interest Kiva loan will enable this group of determined women to get back on their feet and back in business.

Aye Aye's Group Story

Aye Aye, is a 40-year-old mother who lives in TwanTay Township, Yangon region. There are five members in her family, including one primary school student.

Betel plant growing is the main business for her family, and she has been doing this for 20 years because of her expertise. After picking up the betel leaves, she sells directly to the biggest vegetable market in Yangon. She also grows seasonal vegetables as a secondary income source for her family. Aye Aye is applying for a loan to buy betel plant shoots and natural fertilizer to extend her betel plants garden. Betel planting is traditional, and it is the most profitable business in their area.

Aye Aye always plans to use her income for business and family expenses. She wants to help her family to get better living conditions. To fulfill her wishes, she knows that her business needs to improve. Her family is thankful to her lenders.

José Story

José is a farmer with good principals and a great vision. When he was young, his parents taught him to work the land and to appreciate it. His farm measures 2.81 hectares, with planted coffee bushes.

With the counselling from PAC’s technical team he implemented the criteria of FLO CERT.

He lives in a remote community of Jalapa, in Nicaragua. He lives there with his wife and three children.

Every year is a new challenge to be met, and this one is no exception.

In the current coffee-growing cycle he counts on a plan to improve the nourishment of his coffee plants.
The requested loan will allow him to buy organic inputs, which will help him to maintain 2.11 hectares, planting in this area.

Htays Group Story

The featured borrower, Htay, is a 55-year-old woman who lives in TwonTay Township, Yangon Region. There are four family members in her family, including schooling children.

Betel-plant growing is the main business for her family, and she has been engaged in the business for more than 35 years. After picking the betel leaves, she sends them to wholesalers at the biggest vegetable market in Yangon. She is asking for a loan to buy bio-fertilizer and to pay hired labor in her business.

Htay uses her income for family expenses and community development within the village. She participates actively in social and religious events in her village.

She says thanks to lenders for the financial assistance.

Sara's Story

Sara was brought up in one of the poorest villages in Nyamira, Kenya, but her story of success rings differently in everyone’s mind. She has worked hard to change her family’s fortunes. It is through farming that Sara is able to provide decent meals in her home. She loves attending to various farming activities such as spraying, irrigation, harvesting and rearing her livestock (cattle and poultry)

Sara is married and blessed with cute and well-disciplined children. She has been farming for the last 12 years. Though she has gathered much experience in this business, she is not comfortable with the little she earns, having invested so much of her time and effort.

Sara has requested a loan from Juhudi Kilimo after realizing that they are in partnership with Kiva and that they are willing to help her realize her dreams. She will use the loan to buy farm inputs such as quality seeds and fertilizers to help improve her crop production and, through increased profits, assure her children of a secure future.

For a woman like Sara, accessing funds in Kenya, especially around the Nyamira area where she lives, is very challenging. Sara feels relieved knowing there are institutions that help enterprising women like herself. She is always working to improve her family’s living conditions, but her biggest dreams are to become independent and support her family by herself, secure her children’s future, and buy a home.

Yet's Group Story

Yet, 50 years of age, is a married mother of two school-age children who resides in the village in Kampong Cham province of Cambodia.

For the past three years, Yet has been working in rice farming to earn a living. Meanwhile, her husband is a builder. Being in this business, she and her husband are able to earn around 16 USD daily.

In order to support her agriculture activities, Yet is now representing this group of two members asking for a loan. She is going to use her portion to pay for additional seedling and organic fertilizer to support her farming.

She believes this purchase will boost her crop yields and obtain higher profits. With the profits of this season’s harvest, Yet is going to expand her business, renovate her house and support her children’s studies.

Tona Group's Story

Tona, 30, is a married mother of three school-aged children living in the Kampong Cham province of Cambodia.

She is a hardworking woman who has been working with her husband together, growing cashews to pay family expenses for the past 7 years. Both of them typically make about $10 USD daily.

She is the group leader, pictured on the left. She is asking for a loan for the group of two members.

She would use her loan share to purchase cashew supplementation. It would enable her to take care of her crops and get higher crop yields.

Da's Group Story

Da, 53, is a married men with three children, all of whom are still in school. He and his beloved family reside in the Kampong Cham province of Cambodia. To support his family’s living, he and his wife have been operating a rice farm together to make profits since 2008. Both of them make around $8 US per day.

Da is representing this group of five members applying for a loan through KREDIT. Da is going to use his portion to pay for additional seedlings, organic fertilizer, and organic pesticide to boost his rice output. He is really happy for this economic opportunity to better support his agriculture activities and raise his family’s living standard.

Sreyny's Group Story

Sreyny is a 46-year-old married woman. She has one child who works garment factory. Sreyny lives in a rural community in Kampong Cham province. For 20 years, she has operated a farm with her husband where she grows rice that she can sell in her community and at the market to earn a living.

Sreyny leads this two member group. She will use her loan to pay for additional seedlings and fertilizer to use on her farm. Sreyny plans to use her profits to purchase two more hectare of farmland and build a proper house.

Seyha Story

Seyha is 29 years old and appears in the photo with his wife. He and his wife are farmers. They have one child. Both of them are making a net income of USD 12.00 each day. Seyha and his beloved family reside in Kracheh Province of Cambodia. He is moving ahead with his wife to improve the family’s living conditions.

Due to a shortage of finances, he is now asking for this loan to do cassava farming. He sees that this loan will help him to expand his yield and get more income for his family. In the future he wants to build his house and send his child to college. Seyha sends thanks beforehand to all lenders for their support.

Meangleab Group Story

Meangleab, 27, appears on the right in the photo. She is a married mother with only school-aged children.

She has been working in the agriculture business with her husband together to improve their family living. She has worked in the production of cashews for the past five years.

Based on her experience for several years and because her production is getting on well, she wants to expand her business.

This is why she has applied for a community bank loan with her group of two members. The portions of this loan serve as capital to pay for additional fertilizer for her basic crops.

She thinks this loan will enable her to get higher crop yields than in past years and will raise her family’s living conditions.

Yun Group Story

This group of two members is led by Yun, pictured on the right.

A resident in a village in Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia, Yun is a 45-year-old married mother of four children. She is a farmer and has been cultivating rice and cashews with her husband for the past 17 years to make a living. Both of them typically earn around 10 USD per day.

She would like to use her loan share to cover plowing expenses.

She sees that this investment will allow her to cultivate rice and cassava in order to boost her production as well as her family’s profits.

Huong's story

Ms. Huong is 52 years old. There are three people in her family. Her big dream is to have more income to cover daily expenses.

She would like to take a loan to invest in her garden. The loan will be used to buy fertilizer and many kinds of fruit trees for planting.

She hopes that she will have more income to cover expenses and create savings for the future. She is waiting for your help, and she promises to repay the loan every month with her income.

Juanita's story

Juanita is a good resident of Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija. She is 54 years old, happily married to Alexander, a farmer and blessed with 4 children.

She has been engaged in farming rice for almost 9 years. After they harvest the rice, they sell it at the market.

She has been a good paying client of Alalay sa Kaunlaran (ASKI) Inc. for about for about 7 years. her previous loans helped her to produce good variety of rice grains. She has been entrusted again a loan amounting to 20,000 Php under the agricultural loan program of ASKI. Her loan will be used to buy fertilizers for their crops.

She hopes that with the help of ASKI and KIVA lenders, her farmland will expand.

Khunpheng's story

Khunpheng, 35, is married. She and her husband are farmers at Kompong Cham Province in Cambodia. They earn around $13.91 per day, and have three children whose education they support. In their plans, they wish to increase their business growing cassava and support their children with higher education and other needs.To succeed in this plan, they are asking for a loan to purchase the fertilizer and cassava to support their agricultural activities.

Khunpheng's story

Mrs Phương is 52 years old and she is married with 6 children. In 2005, Phương joined Thanh Hoa microfinance institution to improve her business. Phương has successfully repaid 5 loans from Thanh Hoa microfinance institution.

Phương lives in Nong Cong district, a rural town in Thanh Hoa province. She has worked in agriculture raising buffalo for more than 10 years. Her family is a low-income household in the village. Moreover, the market need is low in this region. The main hardship that Phương faces is lack of capital. She is requesting a loan to purchase baby buffalo to raise and sell in the future. Phương is a reputable person in the community.

With her business profits, Phương hopes for her business to do well, for her family to be healthy and happy, and for her children to find a good job.