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These Lizards wood sunglasses may not give you double rotating eyes in opposite directions. But they will give you quality spring metal hinges to adjust to your face, 100% natural Zebra wood material, grey polarized lens that are cat3 and UV 400 to protect your eyes. These cool sunglasses are perfect for any occasion not just the pub.

Fun Fact: Chameleons are the only lizards who can see in two different directions at once. A chameleon's eyes protrude from his head on what looks like tiny turrets. The cone-shaped eyelids swivel with the eyes, exposing only the pupil. This lets him keep a fairly narrow field of vision with each eye as the eyes move independently of each other

Every item you purchase from FR33 EARTH helps a village start a farm to get our of poverty.


1. spring metal hinge wood material UV400 polarized lens
Black wood frame
Gray polarized lens

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