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At Fr33 Earth, we are very passionate about transforming people’s lives. We see that as an opportunity to bring about cruelty free and eco-friendly socioeconomic change that is absolutely good for everyone.

Towards owning up to the vegan ethos and promote our cause we are reaching out to passionate and dedicated vegans out there who have been an inspiration to others; who helped advancing veganism, encourage people to go vegan, and brought a lot of attention to animal cruelty and to environmental issues hence spreading more awareness of the cause.

We are starting our campaign that we just simply called ‘A Vegan Tale to Tell’ to recognize and give tribute to awesome vegans and show people what they have done. Because we strongly believe that sharing real-life stories from real vegans makes a real difference.

Actually, we first reached out to some great vegans and so far their stories have become helpful, in more ways than one, in our awareness campaign. And we want you guys to know few things about them but don’t worry about the rest of their story since we will share whole of it in our upcoming eBook.


This awesome vegan worked most of her life with animals and she’s an active member of Animal Justice Party.

Before going vegan, she faced the inescapable truth. And told herself that ‘animals farmed in food production faced inhumane conditions, they were sentient, defenceless, yet without a voice, and given freedom they would naturally escape their cruel fate’.

Since then she has dedicated herself and contributed a lot in the fight against animal by-product industry. Latest news about Kaz is that she will be launching their own vegan business, Doggy Day Care Brisbane, early this April. They have the best and expert team of qualified trainers, groomers AND THEY HAVE THIS fun activities for your dog.

At Doggy Day Care Brisbane, we believe in Social Inclusion through compassion and kindness. All businesses as well as individuals have a special way to contribute.


She’s a professional fur family photographer who will help you capture the natural and special moments of connection you have w/ your pet companion.

After watching Earthlings, Kathy and her husband started ditching meat for months and embraced compassionate vegan lifestyle. And they made a conscious decision not to contribute to animal cruelty. Now, she is promoting herself as a professional vegan photographer to create awareness. Just like her ‘Rescued’ exhibit back in April of 2016. It is a series of portraits of rescued animals with their caregivers having stories filled with compassion and emotions which are truly remarkable and inspiring.

Now, being a vegan and animal rights activist she does volunteer works at Animals Australia, Animal Justice Party, Animal Friends, Best Friends Rescue, Pets Without Partners and Precious Paws.


He is a professional video editor, graphic designer, 2D/3D animator. But most importantly, he is the president of Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland -which most of you know already. Is a non-profit organization that aims to support and connect people who want to lead a more compassionate way of life. Suffice to say, Zade is always in the frontline; promoting veganism, oppose the commodification of animals, encourage plant-based lifestyle and whole food farming etc. To share his story and their organization to the world, will not only inspire people, but bring more attention to issues and to their causes.

Zade used to do humanitarian and human rights works for years. He is one of the vegans we reached out for support who appreciate what we do in helping end world poverty by empowering communities.

You will learn more about the life of Kaz, Kathy and Zade and many others how they are changing the world. Every backstories of their vegan challenges, struggles and success in encouraging more people to go vegan and spreading awareness.

And to other vegans out there who would be interested to share their stories we still have extra blank pages in our book. Just send your story at theresa@fr33earth.com and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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