Thongs Flip-Flops

FR33 EARTH includes natural rubber flip flops in its wide assortment of products. Our premium quality natural rubber thongs are made from 100% natural rubber and designed specifically with your feet and the planet in mind. There’s no better way to look after your planet while still enjoying your favourite eco-friendly flip flops.

Our natural rubber thongs are the product of a huge passion for the ocean mixed with a common goal of a more sustainable and transparent fashion industry, Browse through our wide range of sustainable flip flops Australia loves and enjoy wearing our signature flip flops. 

Natural rubber flip flops from FR33 EARTH are great for both men and women. These eco-friendly flip flops are super lightweight and comfortable, thanks to the rubber that moulds to your feet, providing support where you need it. We are committed to bringing our customers the highest quality, comfortable, affordable and sustainable flip flops Australia wide. 

Have you been looking for natural rubber thongs Australia wide? We offer a Lazy Days Range and Smash! Collection, both featuring comfortable and trendy sustainable thongs you’ll wear for years. When you invest in a pair of natural rubber thongs from FR33 EARTH, you support a company that does good in the world. Every item you purchase from FR33 EARTH helps a village start a farm to get out of poverty.

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