Premium White & Red




These FR33 EARTH premium White & Red Flip Flops are made with triple-layered rubber for extra comfort. They include a cotton strap between the toes for those who find discomfort between the toes.

These unisex friendly thongs are made with natural rubber. You’ll experience extreme comfort. Like your walking on clouds. But even better with the premium look.


Looking for a conscious flip flop choice?

Your new pair of FR33 EARTH flip flops have been carefully handcrafted. And made with love for you. The creation of your new pair of flip flops helps support the Thai rubber farmers. Every pair bought helps a village start a farm. To get out of poverty. These flip flops are perfect for your feet & soul. Your FR33 EARTH flip flops are no ordinary flip flop.

Did you know?
You can harvest the latex of the rubber tree for up to 28 years before starting a new plantation (some go longer).

✔️Made with natural rubber.

✔️Triple-layered rubber for maximum comfort.

✔️Hex pattern to give grip on your foot.

✔️Logo made from natural rubber is embroidered on to the cotton strap.

✔️Cotton Strap to maximise comfort between the toes.

✔️Premium design & look without the price.

✔️All handcrafted.

✔️Reduces carbon emissions.

✔️Supports Thai rubber farmers.

✔️Helps villages start a farm to get out of poverty

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