Midnight Blue



Come over to the dark side… we have beer!

Time to choose.

You have a big business meeting tomorrow. Do you do the sensible thing and have an early night? OR do you help road-test your friend’s homemade potato-fuelled rocket, riding shotgun into the history books?

You have been entrusted with the keys to your in-laws’ brand-spanking new Maserati (who knew they had that kind of money lying around?!). Do you uphold your promise and guard the car with your life? OR do you pick up your shades and head for the nearest highway, blasting AC/DC’s ‘Highway to Hell’ as you drive into the sunset?

It’s your significant other’s sister’s daughter’s birthday or something (it’s a big deal apparently) and you score Box Office tickets to the Grand Final match that happens to be on at the same time. Do you get dressed and arrive with gifts in hand? OR do you slather your team colours all over yourself and run down to the match, beer in one hand and meat pie in the other, cheering all the way?

Come over to the dark side... we have beer!


Looking for a conscious flip flop choice?

Your new pair of FR33 EARTH flip flops have been carefully hand crafted. And made with love for you. The creation of your new pair of flip flops helps support the Thai rubber farmers. Every pair bought helps a village start a farm. To get out of poverty.These flip flops are perfect for your feet & soul. Your FR33 EARTH flip flops are so much more.

Did you know?
Natural rubber is from a tree. It is the white

sap from the rubber tree otherwise known as

Hevea brasiliensis.
Natural rubber is sustainable and is

harvested by taping the tree (not cutting

You can harvest the latex upto 28

years before starting a new plantation (some

go longer).
This means upto 39 tonnes of

carbon emissions can be absorbed in 1 year

with as little as 1 hectare of rubber trees

✔️Made with natural rubber

✔️Super comfy just like walking on clouds

✔️Hex pattern to give grip on your foot

✔️Dual pop colours to keep that vibrant summer vibe

✔️All hand crafted

✔️Reduces carbon emissions

✔️Supports Thai rubber farmers

✔️Helps villages start a farm to get out of poverty

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